First Impressions: Landscaping and Curb Appeal Tips

Be sure to make a great first impression by ensuring these important areas of your home are up to par!  Here are Some of our tips to  make the best first impression:

Tip #1 Look at Your Home like a Buyer

Look at the outside of your home like a Buyer would for the first time.Be sure to make a great first impression by ensuring these important areas of your home are up to par!  OPEN HOUSE AND SHOWING CHECKLIST 

Tip #2 Sprucing Up Driveways and Walkways

When selling your home, don’t forget that the very first thing a potential buyer will see is your driveway or walkway. Maximize “curb appeal” by keeping your front lawn mowed, and driveway and walkway clean and free of cracks. You may even want to add some colorful flowers or shrubs to attract potential buyers.

Tip #3 Inspect the Exterior of the Home

Do a thorough inspection of both the driveway and walkway and repair any cracks you see. If you have the time and money, you may want to consider getting the driveway repaved as this will go a long way toward creating a positive first impression. Remove grass or weeds that are growing between the cracks on your walkway. Spend the time necessary to create a perfect walk to the entrance of your home.

Tip #4 Be Mindful of  Garbage Can Location and Parked Cars

If you have garbage cans that typically sit at the end of your driveway, you should get them out of sight—even if they’re clean—before people come to look at your home. The same holds true for hoses. Take the time to put them away neatly as they could inadvertently trip someone. Also Be aware of where your cars are parked. If someone comes to see your house and there are two or three cars taking up the driveway and they are forced to park on the street, you may be starting things off on the wrong foot. Move your cars to the street so that prospective buyers feel as if they are pulling into the driveway of their future home.

Check out these 10 Curb Appeal Tips from the Pros to spice up your home’s curb appeal.

Inspect the exterior of your home before you sell your home. Does your home need some TLC?

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