Desty’s Blog: 2014’s Hottest Question and a Cliffhanger

Desty’s Blog: Welcome to 2014!

January 3, 2014

The One Question Everyone Asks the Realtor at a Party, plus a Cliffhanger at the End

Desty Lorino captures the Wisconsin landscape in January 2014

Desty Lorino captures the Wisconsin landscape in January 2014

Desty’s Blog: Welcome to 2014!

By Desty Lorino

The One Question Everyone Asks the Realtor at a Party, and the Cliffhanger at the End

The Question

With the holidays here and gone, and so many parties and get-togethers over the past month, one question that always comes up is, “How’s the market?”

Here’s a fact: I don’t know for sure, and I don’t think any other realtor knows for sure. But based on my experience, I do know a few things that can give some insight on where we are headed. It’s always a reasonable question, and here is my answer.

The Weather and the Market: How We Saw It for 2013

This year the weather is taking the forefront. It has our attention, shall we say. And real estate is a lot like the weather – it changes all the time and it’s not the same in every part of the city that same in every part of the state.

In early December 2012 I made the assumption that, hey, if winter started right now we still have a mild winter no matter how much snow or how cold it got.  With mild winters over the past few years I think we’re starting to get spoiled – we all make assumptions based on recent past weather.

The market last year in 2012-2013 was beginning to change for the better. Even though some consider last year’s winter as being harsh, it really didn’t start until February – which pushed activity towards the spring market. That caused an unanticipated, fast rush of buyers. The demand (SELLERS?) did not take the weather into consideration.

My team of Connie, Ushy and I were in a mad dash from January 1 and continued in a blistering pace to this October 2013.

2014 Market in Flash Freeze – Could Thaw and Cause a Rush

This year is different compared to the past few years. We noticed the change in November right away as the weather turned. The days got shorter, the weather turned colder and snowier than we have been accustomed to. The talk within the industry since November was, “Wait until after the holidays.”  It seems to have stalled our market–there is nothing to see, nothing to look at. Now with the new year comes a new selling season but as long as mother nature has us in her wintery grip we might not have much to talk about. With spring will come longer days and warmer weather. A sure sign of spring will be the for-sale signs appearing as fast as weeds, and the cycle will start all over again.

The Cliffhanger: Do you sell now or wait for the mad dash?  If you want to know what I really think, call me. While the weather outside might be bad, the weather over your house may be sunnier than you think.

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