BEFORE MOVING DAY CHECKLIST :Ensuring a Smooth Transition

Here is a Helpful Moving Day Checklist

Prior to Leaving

Address Change

  • Post office, Charge accounts, credit cards,
    subscriptions, relatives and friends


  • Notify your company of new location; life, auto, health, and fire


  • Arrange for check cashing in new city; transfer accounts

Utility Companies

  • Arrange for final readings: gas, water, etc.
  • WE Energies: 1-800-242-9137

Church & Civic Organizations

  • Transfer memberships and get introductory letters


  • Arrange for copies of school records

Medical, Dental, and Prescription Histories

  • Ask for referrals, and transfer prescriptions such as eyeglasses and required medications
  • Obtain medical records from the health care professionals


  • Get information on tags, licenses, etc.

At Home

  • Clean out freezer
  • Defrost freezer and refrigerator (get rid of odors)
  • Service appliances for moving
  • Make arrangements for cable TV (Time Warner: 1-800-627-2288
  • Clean clothing and rugs; have them moving-wrapped
  • Plan with your mover: insurance coverage, packing and unpacking labor, arrival day, shipping papers, time and method of expected payment (we can recommend moving companies)

Moving Day

  • Clearly mark boxes you will need immediately
  • Carry ample cash or traveler’s checks to cover expenses until new account it set up
  • Transport jewelry, documents and other valuables yourself or use registered mail
  • Plan for pet travel and arrival at new area
  • For emergency reasons, alert a close friend or relative of the route and schedule you will travel
  • Re-check closets and drawers, etc. to make sure they are empty
  • Leave keys and garage remotes, transmitters for new owners

 At Your New Home

  • Check on utility services
  • Have new address recorded on driver’s license
  • Register children in school
  • Arrange for medical services








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